Social Media Marketing

Social Media has grown exponentially throughout the past few years. If your business is not expending resources into the valuable market, then you are simply falling behind. Our highly trained social media experts can put you on the forefront of this market, and keep you there long term. Social media is not only effective for marketing and generating new customers, but it is also an effective tool for building your brand and building long lasting relationships with repeat customers.

Our social media team will help you not only stay in touch with current clients, but we have had a very successful campaign in obtaining new clients as well based on what demographic you are looking to target.  A common misconception is that only the younger generation uses social media, when in fact over 70% of adults actively use this platform as well.

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We let you focus on running your business, while we take care of everything behind the scenes.


Facebook marketing has evolved into one of the most effective marketing tools in the modern area for generating new clients and creating brand awareness.


By listing your business and all of the active employees on LinkedIn, you are able to establish instant credibility with potential clients. Transparency is key when running a business.


Having an active YouTube channel can generate thousands of new views on a monthly basis, both to your social media outlets and to your website as well. With over 1 Billion users, this is an extremely lucrative venue to target.

Social Media Advertisements

Facebook & social media ads have grown so you can now only  show your advertisements to those interested in what you are offering.  Based on the users search history and interests, we are able to put your ads in front of those particular clients.  For instance, if someone has been searching for “rock climbing gear” online all day, then we will have links for the gear they were looking for appear in their Facebook news feed.  This helps maximize your conversions, and allows you to only pay for the ads that appeal to your target market.

Time Spent On Social Media Outlets

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Social Media Analytics

Although Facebook is by far the most popular, and in most cases the most effective, we will make a custom package designed for your business.

Depending on what your business sells, or what services are offered, there may be more social media outlets that can be effective for your business as far as turning ad spend into conversions. Talk to one of our experts today for a free consultation.