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Hundreds of people search Google for a Roofer in your area each month


Installing Metal Sheet

Installing Metal Sheet

Installing Metal Sheet

As a residential or commercial roofer, your continued success rests on having a steady flow of new clients – and while word-of-mouth is a tried and trusted method – it can only go so far.

At Ehlen Analytics, we know that sales leads are the lifeblood of your operations. Having a stream of predictable and exclusive roofing leads gives you the confidence to grow your operations and your team, without the worry of where your next jobs will come from.

We make it our responsibility to secure a hands-off consistent and reliable source for leads and new customers – so you can focus on what you do best – running your business and taking care of your own customers.

And it all starts with your website.


Your website works overtime – long after you’ve finished for the day.

It’s active all day and night.

While a website is your modern-day “storefront” – it needs to run as if it has a silent salesman inside, persuading visitors to choose your roofing services instead of your competitor’s.

That’s why beyond the design itself, we fill your website with premium content primed for one main goal: getting visitors to schedule a roofing appointment with you.

We know your work speaks for itself, but in order to persuade prospects to browse through your gallery of recent work – you’ll need great content to drive them there.

Our expert content acts as your discreet digital salesman – because the modern customer doesn’t like a hard sell, they prefer to be educated, informed, and gently guided to the right place.

With our talented team of content writers, you can rest assured that your roofing services are framed in the best possible light, conveying your years of experience and personable service.

This isn’t just across your website, but throughout your entire digital presence, including social media pages, blogs, emails, ads and more.



Our ads strategy includes a deep dive into the profile of your exact target audience, so we can plan and produce ads that are personalized and powerful.

We then take things a step further with retargeting ads.

This allows your business to show targeted ads to the users who visited your website and didn’t complete a conversion – like filling in a contact form or scheduling an appointment.

The more past visitors are reminded of your business, the higher the chances that they’ll become customers.

But that’s not all…

While every business has a specific target audience, sometimes you need to think outside the box.

We take the data from your main target audience’s demographics, interests, and habits to identify a new audience of people who share those characteristics. This is called a lookalike audience. When you use a lookalike audience in your ads strategy, your ads are shown to a group of potential consumers who are comparable to or “look alike” to your current customers.

You can even select a percent range when creating your lookalike crowd to determine how closely your new audience should resemble your original audience.
With our ads services – we optimize your content to significantly boost your reach and appeal.

The goal at Ehlen Analytics is to lead all routes back to you.


We’re serious about getting you the best leads at Ehlen Analytics:

New leads are important, but not quite as important as qualified leads.

What’s the difference?

Qualified leads are clued-up, ready to go, and know exactly what they’re signing up for.

Our Guaranteed Leads Program offers 100% prequalified & guaranteed sit-down appointments: if you don’t talk to the homeowner, you don’t pay.

Why does this matter?

Unlike online generated tire kicker leads, we have:

Already spoken to the homeowner for up to 1 hour, prequalifying them

Called and texted to confirm the day of the appointment.
Warmed leads up by the time your sales rep shows up at their house to do their pitch.