Our Leaders


Daniel is CEO and one of the owners and founder of our agency. Daniel had a vision of a digital marketing agency that actually helped businesses grow through the types of services that we offer. That is exactly what happened. Daniel works directly with our team daily and is always building new relationships with clients and always willing to help them in any way possible.


Matthew is the CFO and the other owner of our agency. Matthew and his brother partnered to create a digital marketing agency that gave its clients actual results that gave them a real path to growth, success and a real return on their investment. Matthew came to us with a 4 year degree in business and finance and works with our clients on a daily basis to make sure they’re getting what they need from our services.


Brian is head of operations and sales. He has been with Ehlen Analytics since 2019 and has led the way in the growth and development of the agency. He works closely with our team on a daily basis as well as our clients. The expertise that Brian brings to the agency has helped shape the success of our agency and our clients businesses.

Our Managers


Michael has been a senior account manager for our agency since 2021. Michael works directly with new clients coming onboard and is usually one of the first people that you may talk to. Michael is a veteran of our armed forces and also has a background as an electrical contractor. He is very patient and always willing to get on the phone or zoom with anyone who is interested in learning more about us or our services.


Brittney has been the administrative manager of our agency since 2021. Brittney works directly with our team and very closely with our new clients and all of our current clients. If you have the chance to connect with Brittney you will be sure to get all the help and attention you need.

Our Story


Ehlen Analytics was founded by brothers Daniel and Matthew Ehlen in Asheville, NC


We moved into our first office, our first stepping stone of measurable success


We were nominated as one of the Premier Digital Marketing Agencies in the United States


We experienced tremendous growth during the height of COVID, and began to steadily expand our fulfillment team


We established our second branch in Bradenton, FL to expand our reach and continue growing our team


Expanded into our largest office yet, giving our clients the best results we ever have


Established over 2,500 successful marketing campaigns for our clients

Founded by Two Brothers with a Passion for Digital Marketing

Matthew Ehlen and Daniele

Ehlen Analytics was founded in 2017 by brothers Daniel and Matthew Ehlen. Daniel was working at another digital marketing agency, but left to start his own – with an awareness of what the industry was lacking and the hope to build a superior service that could exceed expectations.

What began as a humble basement operation quickly became an astronomical success, with our digital marketing strategies fulfilling every need for business owners across the globe.

Today, with extensive experience in the digital marketing industry, Ehlen Analytics offers contractors a better way to do digital marketing – one that guarantees success.

We look forward to working with each and every client.

Our Team

Results Driven, Client Centered

Based in the United States – with our offices strategically located in North Carolina and Florida – Ehlen Analytics’ team of over 50 qualified employees gives you the best results possible.

While all businesses have a need for digital marketing, contractors in particular have unique needs that aren’t being fully met by the digital marketing industry. That’s because most digital marketing agencies are geared towards businesses in other industries.

This puts us in a pivotal position – as the nation’s most promising digital marketing agency for contractors and start-ups.

Our Core Qualities

Our digital marketing experts provide commitment, personalized service, and real results – all qualities that serve as the hallmark of our reputation.

Plus, we evolve with the times, so our agency is evergreen – and ever-ready to provide the most premier digital marketing service for your business.
In our office, collaboration and communication are a key focus every single day.
From our very first conversation with you, our skilled team will take the time to plan every unique feature of your digital marketing strategy – matching your budget, expectations and timeline.

Enjoy The Ehlen Analytics Standard Of Excellence

Why settle for less?

When you choose our expertise and cutting-edge digital marketing services for your business – our seasoned specialists deliver a professional, responsive, and high-quality strategy that can give you up to 10x the volume of traffic to your website.

It’s all packed full of content and features built to boost your conversions and accelerate the growth of your contracting business.

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Get in touch with Ehlen Analytics today and allow our experts to develop a custom marketing strategy for you – for success from now, into the future.

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