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Smart = More Visibility
+ More Visitors + More Leads!

Smart = A Whole New Way to Build Websites

Hibu Smart Sites have advanced technology that over 80% of websites don’t have, helping Smart Sites perform better than other websites* — simply put, they communicate more information to Google, increasing your search ranking and your visibility in search and in voice search.

A Better Business Website

Take a closer look at the design, technology, and performance features that go into a Hibu Smart Site

Smart = Increased Visibility

The majority of websites today simply aren’t built to give you the best ranking in search or to get you found with voice search ­— but Hibu Smart Sites are!

Hibu Smart Sites talk to two different audiences — to humans, your local customers who visit your site — and also specifically to Google.

Our sites give search engines much more information — so they’ll present your site, rather than your competitors’, when someone is searching (or asks) for what you do.

Smart = New Leads

Your Hibu Smart Site is custom-built to generate more leads.

With Hibu, your website isn’t just custom-built for your business — the design is based on what we’ve seen work best for your specific industry. Built to feature the right types of engagement and content for your vertical — presenting you in the best possible way, maximizing conversion…and giving you more leads!

Smart = More On-Site Interaction

Today visitors expect to be able to take care of business right on your site. Hibu Smart Sites give your customers the power to…

  • Make online payments
  • Pay in advance and save for future services
  • Purchase gift cards and gift certificates
  • Order items online

Smart = New Leads

With Hibu, all of your digital marketing solutions will be in sync — your Hibu Smart Site, your Google information, your Facebook page and over 60 other key websites.

And with all your digital marketing in sync, any changes you make to your information will be updated everywhere that matters in just minutes — on your site, on Google, on Facebook and across the web.

Smart = Designed to Engage

Hibu Smart Sites include all the features you’d expect — they’re…secure, mobile-friendly, and optimized for voice search. They’re built for you — we do all the work.

Plus, Hibu Smart Sites include…

  • Engagement Menu to drive contact
  • Support whenever you need it
  • 24/7 Analytics with the Hibu Dashboard
  • Live or Virtual (Video) Appointment Scheduling

Hibu delivers increased Website results because your site is the central part of an integrated Solution

Your digital marketing is more effective if it works together. So, when all of your digital marketing is with Hibu, your Hibu Smart Site works in sync with your Listings, your Reviews, your Social Marketing and more, to deliver increased results.

See the power of Solutions

Website FAQs:

What is the best type of website for a small business?

The best type of website for a small business is one that helps you achieve your basic business goals – generating leads and getting more customers, clients or patients. Of course you want a website that looks good and represents your brand…but your ultimate goal should be to have a website that helps to grow your business.

Should I build my own small business website?

You can, but it’s a lot of work, and it’s easy to forget features and functionality that can make or break your website’s ability to enhance your business.

Just like most people wouldn’t build their own home or cut their own hair, we recommend trusting professional website designers to create an effective small business website – while you focus on running your business.

What does a modern small business website need?

Obviously you want your website to look good, but chances are, you’re creating or updating your website to generate more leads and more business. To do that, a small business website needs a few things:

  • Your website needs to be built to work on mobile devices — especially smartphones
  • Your website needs to be secure – so Google and your customers trust you with any personal information they share through your site
  • Your website needs to be built to work for voice search — when people ask Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant for information
  • Your website needs to be built to convert visitors into new customers — with the right text, images and functionality to make choosing you and contacting you easy to do
  • Your website needs to be built to work with all your other marketing — especially your online listings, reviews, social media and any paid ads you’re running online

And it has to be easy to update, whether you’re doing that yourself or having it done for you.

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