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Based in Asheville, NC – We have the team and direct first-hand experience of what it takes to grow your business or any business at that. We treat every clients marketing budget as if it’s our own marketing dollars at stake. The only way marketing really works is when we act as an extension of your company, as your exclusive marketing department.

With our sophisticated services, we can effectively engage your target audience, and reach thousands of new potential customers for your contracting business.

Our Mission

When we first entered the marketing industry, we found that most other digital marketing agencies were using outdated strategies and concepts that were misleading contractors – wasting their marketing dollars and time.

We set out to change this, with services that are consistent and relevant in the current digital marketing climate.

The nature of the online space means digital marketing strategies are rapidly evolving, so businesses can no longer afford to rely on traditional marketing tactics alone. We know this at Ehlen Analytics, and our entire arsenal of services is designed with the future of contracting in mind.

So far, we’ve masterfully completed 1,000’s of projects, with hundreds of current clients on retainer since we were established.

Through a combination of our superior services, advanced analytics, and in-house expertise – you’ll no longer be in the dark about your digital marketing strategy.

Modern Day Marketing Dynamics

Gone are the days of contractors being able to rely on word-of-mouth alone to bring in new business.

While past customers spreading the word of your expertise keeps you relevant in your local market – you won’t reach all your potential customers without a laser-targeted digital marketing strategy.

Every month, there are thousands of potential customers seeking your services – and you need to know where to look for them.

Today, the No.1 way people find contractors is through Google – and they won’t just hire any name they see. They want to hire contractors that are on the top of Google’s first page search results.

That means it’s more important than ever to command the attention of your website visitors – after all, we only have a few seconds to emotionally engage our audiences before competitors swoop in to steal the limelight.

The truth is, if your business isn’t appearing on the search engine results page (SERP) – then your current digital marketing strategy is not doing its job.
More than that, you’re leaving a world of business on the table.

While you can’t control how the market flows – there’s one thing you can control that will yield supreme results:

Commanding attention – and converting it into customers.

That’s what we do at Ehlen Analytics.

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