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Most contractors have been burned by “agencies/marketers/gurus” who just make promises and never deliver. We go above and beyond to be better and be completely different from any other marketing company you have ever used. As a contractor, you depend on how many new leads you can convert into paying customers. Whether your business is roofing, restoration, or any other contractor based industry – having a reliable stream of exclusive leads gives you the confidence to scale your business or businesses, and significantly increase your revenue to grow as big as you can imagine.

Here at Ehlen Analytics, we have one main mission – to help you dominate your local market.




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You may have been burned by past “agencies/marketers/gurus” who promised you the moon and only to deliver a moon pie…  We give you FULL transparency and ACTUAL price points that make sense for YOU not us. Too many agencies will do a “data-dump” and just talk over your head or confuse you so much you cant tell if they’re working or just taking your hard earned dollars.

We’re here to change ALL of that starting now! 

 We have built our entire agency and all of our services specifically to grow contractor based businesses across the entire United States. We know exactly what it takes to make customers call you and not your competitors. We maintain a full staff of in-house employees that are experienced and seasoned in multiple industries.

We carefully monitor every marketing strategy for maximum growth at the most affordable price point available on the market, constantly optimizing and tweaking to reduce your average cost per lead – ultimately giving you the most bang for your buck in customer acquisition.

We have on-time and accurate reporting and are always evolving our processes based on the most current updates from all search engines, (mainly Google).
As your business grows, we stay accountable – sending monthly reports that reveal exactly how many people have seen you, how many people have clicked or called, and what you’re spending.

Here, we keep an eye on the key performance indicators and analytics that matter most to make your business the highest possible revenue year after year.

We Make You Money and Save You Money!

We have all of the needed tools and knowledge to produce results, from the exact services that we offer, that will make your competition wish they had met us first.

We will show you some changes and upgrades that can be done to your website to not only increase your traffic by at aleast 25%, but to earn you literally thousands of dollars in tax credits.

There are attorneys and even other agencies that will target your site to see if they can sue you for federal non-compliance regulations. We dont want to scare you with this, we want to help you and protect your business like it is our own.

Look, you’ve got a business to run that needs your full time attention. We got you covered on the digital side, and we can guarantee that you’re going to see exactly why we’re the next best choice for you and your business.

Let us show you how to get up to a $5,000 TAX CREDIT and almost completely offset your annual digital marketing costs.

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